Our Commitment To You

HealthMark Group extends our gratitude to all the nurses, doctors, emergency responders, clinic and hospital staff, operations teams and so many more who are working day and night to help fight this disease. We thank you.

Our top priority has always been to ensure that our clients are able to care for patients while operating safely and efficiently, especially during the spread of Covid-19. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the service and solutions that you need.

How We Can Help

Relieve ROI-Related Administrative Burdens:
We are ready to help you ensure release of information, audits and FMLA/disability forms are all handled efficiently and accurately so that your practice maintains operational excellence and ensures timely reimbursement. Our software-enabled processes (backed by all necessary compliance and security protocols) allow us to continue to deliver records with industry-leading turnaround times.

OTech COVID-19 Screener:
We offer a complimentary COVID-19 screener form to add to your OTech patient intake solutions. This form is tested, available in English and Spanish, and is ready to load.

Zero-Contact, Touchless Check-In:
Mobile check-in in today’s ever-changing virtual world allows patients to provide important information from the safety of their homes. OTech’s mobile check-in solution allows patients to check-in for their in-person or virtual doctor’s appointment from home (including paying co-pays, updating insurance, updating demographics and more). With staff shortages and continued concerns about infection control, this option allows practices to continue functioning in an efficient manner.

Onsite Check-In:
Industrial-grade OTech kiosks and tablets allow patients to check themselves in at the office. They are built to be disinfected between uses, and are as rugged as the kiosks at any local grocery store or ATM. Self-service eliminates the need for staff interaction (social distancing) and allows you to reassign staff to higher priorities.