Improving the Continuum of Care With Healthmark Group

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, healthcare has been a continuously evolving industry for both practices and patients.

This is especially relevant amidst a global pandemic and now the Delta variant of COVID-19 that has uprooted so many lives and practices. The spike in health problems across large populations has led hospitals and other practices to deal with an overwhelming number of patients and not enough staff to handle patient care, let alone manage patient data. On top of that, healthcare practices need to look inward to ensure that they’re coordinating well with any other relevant providers so that the best care can be provided to patients based on all of the information available, both during the pandemic and after. 

Because of all this, now is the time to take steps to improve the continuum of care by implementing a modern digital health information platform to streamline the flow of patient information. There’s no reason to get bogged down by tedious, outdated processes involving paperwork overload and unheard-of timeframes for medical record release requests when there’s a significantly better solution.



Many practices are hurting right now due to inefficient operations, interruptions in patient care, and a lack of manpower. On top of that, healthcare is constantly changing, whether it’s due to something like the Delta variant or new government regulations. Being able to react to each change effectively can make all the difference to staff and patients alike.

All of this doesn’t just apply to your practice but also your partners. If your partners are behind, you’re behind too, leading to poor patient care and a negative patient experience. By taking a proactive approach to managing disruptive changes in technology, care coordination, constituents, and federal regulations, you can contribute to both efficient patient care and operating a successful practice. 

How? Develop a proper plan and incorporate innovative, streamlined solutions.


HealthMark Group works tirelessly to improve the continuum of care throughout the patient lifecycle across all of our partner practices. We do this by eliminating inconsistencies, fragmentation, and unnecessary processes through our two digital health solutions — patient intake powered by OTech and medical records release powered by MedRelease. 

The OTech patient engagement solution supports patient intake by allowing patients to complete paperwork digitally to be saved directly into an EMR or PM system. OTech also allows for payment processing, electronic forms, and mobile check-in. In addition, HealthMark Group’s MedRelease record management solution provides industry-leading release of information (ROI) turnaround, HIPAA-compliant audit support services, and FMLA and disability form support. 

These solutions work together to boost patient satisfaction, decrease the administrative burden on healthcare workers, and streamline processes. Eliminating extra steps across the patient journey is an integral part of this — we work to improve the efficiency of the patient experience and optimize resources for better health outcomes across populations, no matter the specialty involved.

Connected care is an essential theme within the continuum of care, and HealthMark Group is dedicated to supporting everything from prevention to diagnosis to treatment to home care. Our solutions are there every step of the way, supporting both patients and healthcare administrators. This is an essential process that many practices are either missing entirely or doing inefficiently in a way that can negatively impact care.


HealthMark Group’s digital solutions exist to support care coordination and the patient experience, allowing practices to focus on providing the proper care to patients at the right time. 

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