Transform your
intake process.

Alleviate administrative burdens and eliminate data entry redundancies with a digital patient intake solution.


reduction in patient appointment no-shows when using HealthMark.


minutes saved per patient during intake.

“HealthMark’s flexible patient-driven access and communication tools improve efficiency for patients and staff improved workflow!

– VP Operations & Patient Experience

Welcome to a simpler way to grow your practice.

Increase efficiency

Clinical, demographic and financial data automatically populates data fields in your EMR.

Improve data accuracy

Reduce errors and inaccuracies from manual inputs.

Eliminate mundane, clerical work

Automate intake so your staff can focus on patient – centric activities.

Improve the patient experience

Hello happy patients.

Say goodbye to that old clipboard and pen, and hello to a digital intake process. Modernize your practice and stay competitive in today’s digital world by giving patients the option to check in on their own mobile device quickly and easily.


Collect forms digitally

Out with the outdated process.

Tired of spending time, money and resources to have your team input paper forms or PDFs into your EMR? Completed form data will automatically populate the appropriate fields in your EMR. Just think of how much time you’ll save!

Eliminate staffing challenges

Short staffed and stressed?

Reallocate your staff to focus on what really matters — patient care — plus, a digital intake solution never takes a day off or calls in sick. Meet your new star employee, Mr. Digital Intake!


Collect payments faster

Show me the money.

Improve cash flow and reduce bad debt with a customizable, digital payment solution. Collect past due balances in advance, leverage sliding fee scales and get those copays paid.



Learn how digital intake could optimize your practice.

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