Digital Patient
Engagement Solutions

Alleviate administrative burdens and eliminate data entry redundancies with OTech, a digital patient engagement solution that simplifies the intake process. 

Seamlessly Capture Patient Data

Allow patients to provide important information directly from any internet-ready device.

Relieve administrative burdens

Reduce overhead expenses

Eliminate redundancies

Boost patient satisfaction

Digital Check In

Digital, Contactless Check-In

  • Configurable email or text appointment reminders
  • Web-based, contactless registration and anytime check-in, with no app download or portal account needed
  • In-office check-in via secure and configurable kiosks or tablets
  • Staff notifications, meaningful use data collection, and satisfaction surveys
Efficient Intake Form Submission

Efficient Intake Form Data Collection

  • Patients can view, complete, and sign forms electronically during a contactless, digital registration process or through OTech kiosks or tablets on demand
  • Automatically save clinic forms directly into an EMR or PM system, with custom workflow configurations for improved efficiency in a paperless solution
Simplified Patient Systems

Simplified Patient Payments

  • OTech collects co-pays, due balances, budget plans, sliding fee scales, and bad debt all during self-check-in through an integrated credit card reader
Easy Appointment Scheduling

Easy Appointment Scheduling

  • OTech scheduling functionality allows patients 24/7 access to book appointments online through any internet-ready device
  • Patients select clinic-configured providers, locations, and appointment types to identify available times

How Will Digital Patient Engagement Benefit Your Practice?

The ever-evolving healthcare fieldvia digital technologybrings new opportunities to streamline processes that serve patients even better with the click of a button. In addition, digital check-in in today’s ‘virtual world’ allows patients to provide important information directly from any internet-ready device. This digital process helps decrease no-shows, save time, and reduce paper use. With privacy, security, and simple self-service technology, clinical staff can function in an increasingly efficient manner.

Discover how OTech revolutionized one provider’s intake process.

“OTech’s flexible patient driven access and communication tools improve efficiency for patients and staff improved workflow! Less paper!” 

– VP Operations & Patient Experience


reduction in appointment no-shows through the use of OTech digital check-in


minutes saved per patient during intake


reduction in paper use

A Complete Digital Health Information Platform

Our solutions are designed to streamline the flow of patient information so you can navigate the full spectrum of patient care.

Capture data on the front end of patient encounters with OTech, a digital patient engagement solution that guides patients through the self-registration process, alleviating administrative burdens and eliminating redundancies.

Offload administrative work related to patient requests with MedRelease, a powerful, innovative system designed to securely and accurately support medical record management.

Trust in solutions that manage patient data and work together to help relieve administrative burdens, ensure compliance, safeguard data, and save time and money.

Save More Time for Treating Patients

Are you a physician practice, hospital, or healthcare system interested in learning how our digital patient engagement solution can help?

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