Become a Trusted HealthMark Advocate

Join us as a Webinar Guest in the HealthMark Client Advocate Program


Thank you for being a valued HealthMark partner! We know how important health information management is to your business, and we appreciate you trusting us to manage this important process so you can focus on providing excellent patient care.

If you remember back to when you were evaluating partners, you know how hard it can be to feel confident that you’re making the right choice. By sharing your experience with prospective HealthMark clients as a trusted peer, you can help others have the confidence that HealthMark is the right partner. We truly value and appreciate your participation in this important program. Thank you!


You will receive a $200 Amazon gift card delivered directly to you via email once the webinar is complete.

 How It Works

Our team will communicate with you to schedule time for a pre-webinar review with other members of the HealthMark team (approximately 1 hour), followed by the live scheduled webinar at a later date.



› In agreeing to join a webinar, you are committing to a 1-hour video session hosted by and alongside HealthMark team members.

› We ask that you commit to and attend any scheduled webinar (i.e., join on time and do not substitute a colleague in your place).

› Even if you are not choosing to participate as a reference in our Client Advocate Program, should you be contacted by a prospective client regarding the webinar, we ask that you keep the conversation positive.

We ask that you only participate as a client advocate if your experience continues to be positive. If for any reason you are experiencing any issues, please communicate with us and we can remove you from the program.


› We will set time for you to meet with our team to review the webinar – its purpose, main talking points and how you will be involved.

› You will receive your incentive upon completion of the webinar within 24 hours.

› Our team will review the program on a bi-annual basis, but we remain open to feedback anytime.

Interested? We’d love to have you.