HealthMark CEO Bart Howe Interview with HealthcareNOW Radio

HealthcareNOW Radio Interview Recap

As the healthcare industry continues to face pressures related to rising costs, staff shortages and operational roadblocks, solutions partners like HealthMark can offer guidance through the turbulence. During HIMSS 2023, HealthcareNOW Radio interviewed Bart Howe, CEO of HealthMark and president of AHIOS, to delve into these topics, and more!

HealthcareNOW Radio: The American Hospital Association has released a series of reports that showed hospitals and health systems will continue to face pressure on staff and resources, while also dealing with rising expenses across the board in 2023. Delloite’s health system financial forecast is exceptionally turbulent. I have with me Bart Howe, the CEO of HealthMark. As health system leaders navigate their financial constraints and look for technology solutions to tackle inherent workflow challenges, what does HealthMark have that is on the “must have” list and why?

Check out Bart’s answer in the soundbite here.

HealthcareNOW Radio also interviewed Bart as president of AHIOS, to share the broader industry perspective related to best practices healthcare organizations should use when making new solutions decisions in 2023.

HealthcareNOW Radio: As medical practices and hospital leaders navigate their financial constraints and look for solutions, what does AHIOS think should be a best practice for administrative executives to use when assessing new services and technology purchases?

For Bart’s answer on behalf of AHIOS, you can listen to the soundbite here.

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