Calculate Your Potential Savings on Medical Record Requests

Managing record requests, regulatory updates and follow-ups is more than a full-time job. Check out how much money real clients are saving annually below and fill out the form to see how to save your healthcare organization time and money with our release of information management solutions.

Here is an example of the savings experienced by an organization just like yours.

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Considering outsourcing record requests?

Not sure if partnering with a vendor to manage your record requests makes sense for your business? We hear you. Here are a few reasons to outsource release of information in healthcare:

Higher patient satisfaction due to faster turnaround times.

Free up your staff to focus on more patient-centric tasks.

Save money. Releasing records is often a hidden cost center.

Relieve stress around compliance and regulatory updates.

HealthMark is your release of information partner

Alleviate healthcare administrative burdens

How many hours does your staff spend locating, verifying and completing record requests, fielding calls and managing audit requests? Believe it or not, you can alleviate the strains of release of information (ROI) and save money by outsourcing to a trusted vendor.



The record release reality show:

Keeping up with the

If only it were a reality show, maybe it would be easier to keep up with all the changes, suggestions and rules. With ever-changing technology, regulations must adapt to keep up. Leave the regulation-tracking behind to a trusted partner — hint hint, that’s us.