Leave the FMLA
& disability form management to the experts.

We can help you streamline your paperwork workflows.

Managing FMLA and disability forms for your patients is a lot.

FMLA and disability paperwork can bog down your organization. Whether its an FMLA claim for a sick parent or a disability request for an injury, the amount of back-and-forth between patients and providers puts a heavy burden on your already overworked staff. And when you factor in making copies, juggling signatures and mailing forms to the required parties, it’s downright exhausting. We can help get you back to what matters: patient care.

Reduce administrative workloads for FMLA paperwork

The FMLA easy button.

FMLA paperwork can be stressful for all parties involved. Healthcare organizations deal with a variety of forms, timelines, and pressures when verifying FMLA requests. Sorting out all of the required documentation can be confusing, to say the least. And the back-and-forth between providers, HR teams, and patients can be time-consuming. Put it all together and just the thought of FMLA paperwork can be exhausting for your staff. By partnering with HealthMark, you can hit the easy button on the process of fulfilling FMLA requests. We handle the documentation, compliance and form completion – all your providers do is review and sign!

Disability form solutions

Beat the disability paperwork blues.

Just like with FMLA paperwork, short-term and long-term disability paperwork can be a pain in the neck for healthcare administrative staff. Partner with HealthMark Group to get your team out from under mountains of disability paperwork and back to taking care of your patients. Our team of certified specialists not only complete short and long-term disability forms, but they also handle all of the patient communication to ensure that requests are completed accurately and on time.

FMLA & disability regulations change too

Keeping up with the regulatory rodeo.

In the ever-changing world of healthcare regulations, it can be hard for your staff to stay on top of the latest updates. That’s where we come in. HealthMark has an extensive team dedicated to keeping up to date with the newest state and federal FMLA & healthcare compliance regulations, updating processes, systems, and guidelines to ensure that your group meets regulatory requirements.

There’s a patient at the center of every request

A patient-centric approach to FMLA outsourcing.

Whether it’s a medical record request or an FMLA application, there’s a patient at the center of every request. And when it comes to disability and FMLA, patient needs can be sensitive and sometimes scary. HealthMark’s compassionate team takes a caring and patient-centric approach to certification requests, handling all of the details for you. Let us support your organization by simplifying the FMLA and disability certification processes so that your practice can reallocate staff to revenue-generating activities, improve employee experience, and continue to prioritize patient care.

Can HealthMark help your organization with FMLA and disability paperwork?

Get back to patient care.

With over 42,000 providers served, 3,000+ locations supported, HealthMark is trusted across the country by healthcare organizations to help alleviate the burden of medical record requests. Our team helps practices and systems of all sizes eliminate unnecessary clerical work, mitigate security and compliance risks, increase return on investments, and most importantly, improve patient satisfaction. Let HealthMark Group be your third-party administrator for employee leave of absence and disability paperwork. Reach out to our team today for additional information on how to incorporate this into our partnership.

Contact HealthMark Group today to see how our team can provide FMLA and disability certification support services for your organization. Clear up the headache of repetitive clerical work and let us optimize your workflow!

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