Medical Record Management Software

Fulfill medical record release requests securely and accurately with MedRelease, HealthMark’s proprietary release of information software. 

Fast, Secure Medical Record Release

Offload the high-risk challenges your organization faces surrounding protected health information (PHI) and the release of information process with MedRelease.

Save time

Relieve administrative burdens

Reduce overhead expenses

Mitigate risk

Orthopedic Practices: MedRelease Has Been Peer Reviewed by AAOE! 

HealthMark’s release of information solution, MedRelease, has earned the American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE) Peer Review designation.

Through the AAOE peer review process, HealthMark underwent an extensive review and evaluation to prove that MedRelease can successfully help orthopedic practices manage their release of information process.

The result? 99% found MedRelease easy to use, and 93% would recommend it to fellow orthopedic practices! 

Industry-Leading ROI Turnaround Time

  • Transparent processing of medical, billing, and imaging record requests
  • Online reporting, audit logs, electronic payment of invoices, and secure request download
  • 24-hour turnaround time for 85% of requests, all in compliance with HIPAA as well as state and federal regulations
  • Our CRIS & HIPAA-certified specialists precisely identify the relevant components of the patient record to maintain compliance
  • Human and machine-learning chart misfile detection ensures that potential inaccuracies, PHI breaches, and unauthorized disclosures are flagged and corrected prior to record release
  • Audit specialists communicate directly with requesting agencies to ensure audit requests are completed and delivered in a proper format within required deadlines
  • Accounting of Disclosures (AOD) and tracking

FMLA & Disability Form Support

  • Accurate completion of short-/long-term disability and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms
  • Credentialed specialists verify, manage, and complete requests in accordance with provider specs
  • PHI is handled securely and in compliance with HIPAA

Digital Mailroom

  • Chart Indexing & Document Management solution
  • Convert healthcare documents into indexed medical records with discrete patient data
  • Map document categories to custom locations

Claims & Revenue Cycle Support

  • HealthMark logs securely to your Provider Portal
  • Decrease time between bill creation and payment received
  • Insurance payment collection

Optimize Your Medical Record Management Processes

Our certified team can assist you with common requests and enhance opportunities to streamline processes with technology-based solutions— including our easy-to-implement record management process.

MedRelease has had proven results in fast turnaround time, increased efficiencies, and audits completed without missed deadlines.

In turn, the advanced tech-based solution will digitize the previously manual process in a secure and reliable manner.

Discover how HealthMark helped one medical group reduce its medical records release turnaround time from 48 days to 48 hours. 

“MedRelease gives us the peace of mind that medical records requests are fulfilled in a prompt and organized manner. Because we outsource to HealthMark, our team has additional capacity to do other things.” 

– Medical Records Specialist


hour turnaround time for 85% of requests


increase in efficiency


audits completed with no deadlines missed


A Complete Digital Health Information Platform

Our solutions are designed to streamline the flow of patient information so you can stay focused on patient care.

Capture data on the front end of patient encounters with OTech, a digital patient engagement solution that guides patients through the self-registration process, alleviating administrative burdens and eliminating redundancies.

Offload administrative work related to patient requests with MedRelease, a powerful, innovative system designed to securely and accurately support medical record management.

Trust in solutions that manage patient data and work together to help relieve administrative burdens, ensure compliance, safeguard data, and save time and money.

Say Goodbye to Backlogged Requests

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