Improve release of information efficiency

Our technology-driven approach to managing medical record requests will improve patient satisfaction and ensure your patient data stays secure and compliant.


business hour
turnaround time for 85% of requests.


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“Record requests are a
high-risk area. The security around HealthMark’s process were very important to me. Plus, they deal with the lawyers so we don’t have to!”

– Misty Kelly

InnovaCare Senior Compliance Professional

Alleviate administrative burdens with HealthMark

Medical, billing, and imaging record release

FMLA and disability form completion

Chart audit and review completion

Record management costs are sneaky

Eliminate a hidden cost center

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Industry-leading turnaround time

There’s a patient at the center of every request.

And we’re committed to providing those patients with the best experience possible. We fulfill most patient requests within 8 business hours and don’t charge patients for copies of their medical records. Providing quality of release of information services can make a big impact on patient satisfaction and continuity of care.

Mitigate compliance risk

HIPAA and Cures and PHI – oh my!

Are compliance risks keeping you up at night? Our team of regulatory experts stay on top of the evolving state and federal regulations, proactively updating processes, systems, and guidelines to mitigate compliance risks for your organization. Plus, every single record goes through four different quality checks.

When you partner with HealthMark, you can be confident that every request is handled by a certified release of information specialist (CRIS), supported by a robust digital platform and a uniform process. Not familiar with CRIS? It’s a rigorous exam administered by AHIOS that validates an individual’s understanding of how to appropriately handle protected health information (PHI). Healthcare is always evolving, and our team makes sure your release of information process doesn’t get left behind.

Alleviate staffing challenges

A record request process that never takes a sick day.

Don’t let your ability to release medical records be limited by staffing challenges or time constraints – our digital ROI software doesn’t miss a beat. Our digital platform helps keep release of information requests quick and compliant, allowing you to reallocate your existing health information services staff to focus on what they do best – providing patient care. HealthMark release of information services acts as an extension of your team that works round the clock!

Leverage a digital experience

Welcome to the digital age, release of information!

Not only do requesters benefit from a seamless and user-friendly electronic request platform, but your organization will also get better insights into your medical record operations than you’ve ever had before. With our comprehensive reporting dashboard, you can view the number and types of information requests as well as the average turnaround time, giving you a deeper understanding of your organization’s trends around medical records management.

Organizations we serve

Big or small, we handle it all!

Hospitals, health systems, FQHCs, and physician practices can all eliminate the burden of managing medical records requests with HealthMark, saving valuable time and resources in order to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Whether you’re a health system that handles thousands of requests or a small family practice with a close-knit group of dedicated patients, our team handles each request with the same level of commitment, compliance, and care.

Improved requestor experience

Consistent and convenient access to health information.

At HealthMark, we believe in simplifying the process of patient health record requests to empower individuals to improve their health outcomes. Our user-friendly software allows requestors to easily request records anywhere, at any time.

And those complicated third-party requests from lawyers and insurance companies? Or nuanced billing requests? We do that too. Third-party requests are handled with the same level of dedication to patient care and privacy. From the moment the request is submitted to the final release of information, HealthMark is here to support patients and requesters, delivering a smooth experience for everyone involved.

FMLA form completion

Drowning in FMLA paperwork?

Patients who need FMLA or disability paperwork are often facing a challenging time. Let our compassionate and clinically-trained specialists seamlessly guide them through the record release process and get everything ready for your healthcare organization’s signature.

Easy audits and chart reviews

Take the headaches out of chart audits

Name something more cumbersome than chart audits and reviews. We’ll wait. HealthMark has processed over 4 million audits and counting on behalf of hospitals, clinics and practices, and we’ve never missed a deadline.

HealthMark: Taking the headaches out of healthcare

HealthMark Group is a software-driven provider of health information management solutions. We’re pioneering an efficient, compliant, and patient-centric approach to streamlining release of information to help hospitals, physician practices, and providers concentrate on what they do best: patient care.

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