Learn How Fast-Growing InnovaCare Reduced Turnaround Time by 96%

Outsourcing Release of Information Improved Patient Satisfaction for InnovaCare.

Quick-growing InnovaCare was struggling with patient complaints about medical record release. They needed release of information standardization across their organization, and they needed to alleviate the growing list of patient complaints.

“You couldn’t track anything; the process was very antiquated. We were receiving multiple calls a day from upset patients telling us they asked for records weeks ago and had not received them. It was the same story over and over.” – Misty Kelly, InnovaCare, Senior Compliance Professional

Post-HealthMark deployment, what does Misty have to say? “I cannot stress this enough: having that ability to view real-time updates on record requests was absolutely key. It made all the difference.”

Download the case study today and learn how InnovaCare went from 3-4 patient complaints per day to zero.

Download the InnovaCare Case Study


Decrease turn time by 96%

By switching to HealthMark, InnovaCare went from three weeks to 21 hours for the average request.

Decrease patient complaints by 100%

InnovaCare went from spending several hours every day on the phone fielding complaints to spending that time on what matters: patient care.

Improve staff efficiency by 25%

InnovaCare refocused their personnel from administrative tasks to care continuum activities that kept their organizations running full steam ahead.