MarketScale Interviews Bart Howe, President, AHIOS

How do healthcare organizations ensure patient data is handled safely in the rapidly-evolving technology-driven landscape? AHIOS president and HealthMark CEO Bart Howe’s recent conversation with MarketScale aimed to help answer that, as well as other questions about how the release of information industry navigates the privacy and access lines.

“For the rest of this year and beyond, I expect we’ll continue to see a lot of change. That’ll be the one constant throughout the evolution of our industry. Technology’s changing, regulations are changing, and our organizations are typically — the ones that we service — are typically focused on serving the patients, which is where we want them focused. Whereas AHIOS and our member organizations need to make sure that we are equipping them with the tools, the technology, the processes and the people, in order to facilitate the exchange of information that’s important to delivering the highest quality care at the right location, at the right time.”

Bart Howe, President, AHIOS, CEO, HealthMark Group.

Read the full article on MarketScale here.

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