What is Information Blocking? Find Out In Our Autocomplete Video!

Have you heard of the “autocomplete” challenge? It’s where two people (usually celebrities, in our case, HealthMark celebrities CEO Bart Howe and COO Joe Licata) answer the most commonly asked questions from google searches on a particular topic.

The Information Blocking Rule from The Cures Act is a topic we get a lot of questions about, so it made perfect sense to dive into more detail by sharing answers to commonly asked questions.

Some of the questions we cover in the video include:

  • What is Information Blocking?
  • Does Information Blocking relate to HIPAA or The Cures Act?
  • Is Information Blocking clearly defined?
  • Am I Information Blocking if I only respond to patient right of access requests?
  • What about if I verify a requestor’s identity?

Check out the full video below!

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